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Making Homes Livable

A family was forced to move out of their home due to smoke damage from a nearby wildfire. We came in and got rid of all the ash and cleaned the whole home so they could move back in as soon as possible.

A Fresh Business

Local businesses affected by a wildfire, left them unable to open due to its burnt odor. We were there to help! We came and cleaned their furniture and helped them be ready to open later that week.

Ashy Houses

After a wildfire, many residents affected by the damage were left with lots of ash and a smokey smell in their homes. SERVPRO reached out and intensely cleaned their homes to give it a fresh, clean smell.

Intense Temple Cleaning

Here in our area, not many storms occur. We were able to help out with wildfire damage recently. We deep cleaned a Jewish Temple to rid it of its smokey smell.

Helping Businesses Out

We are a family and community franchise. We love helping our local businesses in any way possible. Accepting commercial jobs allows to show we are present in the community and here for you guys!

Commercial is No Problem

SERVPRO does not stop at just residential jobs, we gladly accept commercial calls too! If businesses contact us we do our best to find the solution to their problem so they can be back and running as soon as possible.

Patching Process

If a fire causes roof damage, there is a certain process that is used to patch up the roof. We do our best to get the hole fixed as fast as possible so the residents can get back to living in their home.

You Can't Stop Us!

We are not scared away easy at SERVPRO. When handling fire jobs, we may need to suit up and clean up the debris. We are trained and always ready to get in there! 

Drying it Back to Normal

When we get a water damage call, we do ur best to come over as soon as possible and bring the needed equipment. We have a warehouse full of different drying machines that can get your house back to normal.

Raising the Roof

Fire damage is no joke. It gets extremely messy and can cause tremendous damage to your home or business. SERVPRO is professionally trained to take care of these matters and get your house looking back to normal.

Checking for Moisture

If you ever feel like theirs water damage in your flooring, walls, or ceiling, SERVPRO can come right over and check your moisture levels. With the help of our little tool, we can give an accurate assessment of the situation. 

No Matter How Far

Distance is a factor that has no effect on us! Where ever we are needed, we will go. Our workers are dedicated and will give their all for every client anywhere. 

Leaky Water Heater

Do not let leaks go from bad to worse! Never neglect the issue, just call SERVPRO. We are always available and know how to stop the water and fix the damage.

Doubletree Remodel

We love helping with commercial properties. It helps us give back to the local businesses in the area. We did a remodel on a nearby hotel and the owners and guests were very satisfied with our work.

Always Ready

Here at SERVPRO there is never a time we are closed or where we cannot get to you. We can be over same day to figure out what your issue is and how we can help.

Hot Roof Patch Up

A fire in a Diamond Bar home caused the fire department to make a large hole in the roof to let the smoke out. The gaping hole that was left there needed to be patched and SERVPRO was there to fix it!

Water Damage Ruins Ceiling

A major leak in a local home in Pomona causes serious noticeable discoloration in the hallway ceiling. We received the call and were able to get out there as soon as possible to stop the leak and get remove the contaminated part so no further damage cause be caused. 

Mold Be Gone

Mold does not scare us away! Our guys suit up and are ready to go. We do all kinds of mold remediation from commercial to residential. We are just one quick call away!

A Helpful Team in Green

We do our best to ensure that your damage, whether it is fire, water, or mold, is handled as quickly as possible so there is a minimum interruption to your life. We are always careful and profession on the job and will promise to give our all.

SERVPRO Helps with Wildfires

When wildfires started blazing in Malibu in 2018, we stepped up and helped the community with their damage. Hundreds of homes were ruined, so we set up shop and tried to repair everything "Like it never even happened."

Our Team

SERVPRO of Diamond Bar/ South Pomona is at your service for any water damage, fire damage, and mold remediation. Our team believes in customer service first and foremost. We have built a great team of office staff and technicians who are excellent in their assigned work. Give us a call 24/7 for all your disaster and restoration needs.

Mold Clean Up Crew

Mold in your home can result from too much humidity due to water or sewer damage. The mold clean up crew at SERVPRO of Diamond Bar/ South Pomona has the training and experience to get rid of mold before it spreads throughout your home.