Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Dishwasher Disaster

In a house, located in the greater Fountain Valley area, there was a major leak in the kitchen. The dishwasher malfunctioned and began to spray with the end res... READ MORE

Double the Trouble

It was 12:30am when the owner received a call from a security guard for a four level hotel called the Double Tree Inn located in Diamond Bar. A fire sprinkler i... READ MORE

Wet Kitchen Fix

A house in the South Pomona area called us when they realized their house was suffering from water damage. It was spread throughout the whole house, causing the... READ MORE

Water Damage Turned Mold Issue

In May, we were called in for an issue with a leak in the bathroom of a Diamond Bar home. Upon arriving our team quickly realized that there was mold on the wal... READ MORE

Slab Leak Causing Kitchen Problems

A hot water leak caused an extreme amount of moisture in a Fountain Valley residency. The wood flooring began to rise and become bent. It caused an uneven surfa... READ MORE

Leaky Ceiling Problem Solved

The weather is something we cannot control, so when a heavy rain caused water damage in the living room ceiling of a Pomona house, we were there to help. Luckil... READ MORE