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Can't believe how amazing these guys are..
I was at Carlton Peterson Park (Diamond Bar)
in the skatepark area with my puppy and this suspicious man starts watching me skate, I was by myself at the skatepark.
This suspicious man just kept getting closer and closer to where my puppy was sitting along with my backpack and phone on the ledge...
So I walked back to the ledge and sat there for a while and he was staring at me from a few inches away, I asked him if he was going to skate he said no.
I felt really uncomfortable and out come these super heroes, the green SERVPRO van parked across the street drove into the skatepark and a guy came out and asked if I was being bothered.
The suspicious man walked away and the SERVPRO guy told me to leave the skatepark before he does something, so I called my Uber and the two SERVPRO guys sat in their van waiting there until I got in my uber safely.
Thanks guys! I love you.